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Essociate is a new kind of affiliate experience. Our patented, 100% leak-free network is hardcoded and backed up with killer 24-hour support.

Say good riddance to profit shaving and report fudging, and start earning revenue with exclusive ads from quality merchants -- all with one account.

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  • SnapNames Launch

    08/04/2009 announced that it is launching a full scale affiliate program using the enormous reach of the marketing network. Read More

  • Flavorbean Launch


    Essociate launches -- the world's first (and only) flavored coffee made without harsh chemical solvents -- thus opening a new "green" market segment within the $10 billion specialty coffee industry. Read More

  • Awarded Patent


    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awards Essociate a patent for its Affiliate Pooling technology, which offers the webmaster community a much-needed way to become independent of large, big box affiliate networks. Read More